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Along the Way - Book Six

In colourful detail, Albert gives us the answers to Dino Trivia, and then jumps right into describing the different weather systems we experience in North America.  In our short story, we find out who moves next door to Ryan and Nathan.  Albert takes us on a journey from Hudson Bay to West Hawk Lake in Manitoba, and introduces us to bugs and wildlife that are native to this province.

Along the Way - Book Seven

Find the answers to the Dino Trivia, and then learn about the roles insects and bugs play in our environment.  Albert says that they are not all just pesky critters, after all!  In this short story, we'll meet Max and Luke, and we'll follow along as Max learns all about trust and responsibility.  Learn about the Great Lakes,  and have fun traveling with Albert from Toronto to Ottawa.

Along the Way - Book Eight

Albert mixes fun with education as we discover the answers to our Dino Trivia!  We learn a little about the history of the French language in Quebec, and we find out where the name, "Canada" came from.  In our story, we'll find out what Michael and Kilee have been up to!  This Albert-style road trip teaches us some history, and takes us to some neat places in Quebec!

Along the Way - Book Nine

Learning the answers to book eight's Dino Trivia is the best place to begin! Find out differences between Baleen and toothed whales, and about some of the species that live in this province.  Join Ryan and Nathan as they visit their grandparents for a week, and overcome a few fears along the way! We learn why Newfoundland and Labrador is known as the Seabird Capital of North  America!

Along the Way - Book Ten




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Along the Way - Book Eleven




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Along the Way - Book Twelve




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