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Along the Way - Book One

Albert wastes no time introducing himself and his two young friends, Jade and Ben, who are about to discover that they will have to move away, and learn to deal with changes.  

Tag along with Albert as our prehistoric tour guide, learn some cool facts about Alberta, find some cool places to stop along the Yellowhead Highway, and test your skills with our very first Dino Trivia!


Along the Way - Book Two

Find the answers to Book One's Dino Trivia, learn about the brr… ice age and how it affects us still, today.  Meet Albert's friends, Kilee and Michael - follow along as they learn the true meaning of elbow grease. 

Join Albert as he takes us from Edmonton, Alberta all the way to the Saskatchewan border, and learn about some more cool places along the way!


Along the Way - Book Three

Albert describes some of the many cultures and fun traditions that make up North America.  Our short story is about Ryan and Nathan, who learn that they are about to have new neighbours! This road trip starts in British Columbia, where construction of the Trans Canada Highway began in the year, 1912.


Along the Way - Book Four

Discovering the answers to our third Dino Trivia is our first task, and then find out why people may have left their homes in other countries, to move to North America.  In this story, we'll catch up with Jade and Ben, and find out why they had to call 911.  Albert takes us on a ferry boat ride from Vancouver Island to the mainland, and we discover some pretty interesting facts, along the way!


Along the Way - Book Five

As usual, Albert makes finding the answers to Dino Trivia fun!  We learn a little about the arrival of the railroad, and in our short story, we discover how it impacted the way of life of our new friends, Hailey and Emma, and their family.  On our road trip, we hitch a ride with Albert on the Canadian Pacific Railway, and visit some really cool places that can be found in Saskatchewan!


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